Thinning Hair: How Can I Get A Full Head Of Hair Again?

Published: 02nd April 2009
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There comes an experience in every man's life-time when he begins to get a little thin on top. For some, it can be as early as their mid-twenties or even while they are teenagers, while others don't start to lose any hair at all until their early forties or mid-fifties. As it is so widely seen as a sign of old age, however, there is a big social stigma attached to hair loss, which leads people to seek various treatments to get their hair back again.

Hair loss is not always caused by old age. Many diseases can also cause people to get thinning hair. Although cancer is the most familiar, it is not uncommon to lose hair after minor diseases, or after having surgery. Hair loss is also a side effect of some medicates, such as antidepressants.

So is there a miracle remedy for Thinning hair? Well, not really.

The most common treatments that people try are the creams available in most pharmacies, such as Rogaine. They do cause some additional hair increase, but also tend to make your head very itchy in the process. However, as soon as you cease using it, the thinning hair will resume, so keeping your hair could turn out to be very pricy for you.

A more economical option could be pills like Propecia, which has also been proven to work, although only in about half of patients. It must, however, also be needed for the rest of your life if you want to keep your hair until you die.

Getting thin on top can often also be stopped by simply making some changes in your lifestyle, like eating fewer fat and trying to keep off nerve-racking situations. In many cases, this is the most capable treatment of all, as so much thinning hair is brought on entirely by work-related stress: it's worth taking a week off and understanding if you still have the trouble after that.

If your hair is thinning and the creams and medications are not working, there are a few other options you can try.

While hair transplants are a frequent choice, this method rarely generates the patient with a full head of hair. While the grafts applied to the hair line in front might look suitable, it could still look thin on the crown or top of the head. If you select this option, beware of complications and infections. Also if this procedure is performed badly, you could have recognizable scarring.

To date, the only safe and one hundred percent way to get all of your hair back is in the art of hair replacement systems. If you don't mind the minimal sustainment, this can be a great way to have the head of hair like you had when you were twenty years old. Hair Systems are made-to-order to fit on the scalp of each patient. When made right, they will be out of sight to the human eye. If you choose to look in to this technique, be heedful of low-cost mail order companies that offer hair systems for few hundred dollars.

While these companies seem appealing to the wallet they hardly ever live up to their promises. Most low-priced hair replacement companies stock general-purpose systems in a small, medium and large variety, then ship a system to the customer based on hair colour and head size. Once the client receives the system, it is up to them to cut it to size and match the hair colouring. What's more tormenting is these lower end companies use more mediocre hair and it hardly ever matches the density of the client. With these types of hair systems it is almost impossible to get a clean natural look and the wearer often gets busted in public. They are also made with inferior materials and only last a few months before the client has to purchase a new one.

To get a truly undetectable hair system and one that will last for years, there are many more components required to make it inconspicuous to the public. Some cases are matching hair density, making sure the natural curl of the hair system is the same as the natural curl on your head, and one of the most critical parts to making a system unseeyn is the hair swirl direction. This regulates where you natural part line is and each head is a little different.

To achieve the best outcomes for this kind of approach, you should look for companies that specialize in producing "custom" hair systems.

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